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Social Loyalty

Rewards for Reviews

While nearly all consumers read reviews, fewer than half write them. Why? 55% of consumers reported needing motivation to write reviews.

PowerReviews Social Loyalty is an engagement-based loyalty program that generates more content by rewarding contributors. Your consumers receive points, badges and move up the leaderboard for creating and sharing social content such as reviews, images, and answers to questions.

Social Loyalty is easy to customize so points, badges, and leaderboards can support your brand’s visual identity. You can also customize the rewards system, allowing top reviewers to earn additional rewards such as discount codes, gift cards, and coupons.

Bringing together several proven techniques – customer reviews, Q&A, and gamification – Social Loyalty drives more of what makes your site successful: traffic, engagement and sales.


Consumers receive points, badges and move up the leaderboard for contributing the reviews that drive traffic and increase sales.

Social Rewards

Reward consumers not only for writing reviews, but also for contributing images and videos, answering questions, following your brand on Twitter, or sharing reviews on Facebook.

Flexible Points System

Award more points for what you consider the most valuable content by controlling points for each type of online engagement.

Rewards API

Integrate review content generating activities with your existing loyalty programs to reward shoppers for contributing content.

Customize Points, Badges and Leaderboards

Support your brand identity with customized points, badges and leaderboards using standard CSS. Tailored messaging reflects your brand’s personality and encourages competition.

Automated Rewards Notification

Automatically send out emails to notify consumers as they earn rewards such as discount codes, gift cards, coupons, or other special offers. Emails are easily customizable.

Generate More Reviews

Social Loyalty generates more reviews through gamification. Points, badges, and leaderboards provide the recognition and motivation that consumers need to write reviews.


Improve Content

It’s not just more reviews, it’s better reviews. Social Loyalty has proven to increase the quality of reviews by increasing content such as photos and videos.

Build Brand Loyalty

Social Loyalty provides a platform where consumers who are passionate about your brand can share their experiences and their excitement with other online shoppers.

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“Social Loyalty provides incentives for our customers to create and share content while creating a sense of investment in our site. And the content that our customers create actually drives free referral traffic.”

Tena Crock

Tena Crock, VP of E-Commerce, Step2

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