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The Transparency Economy

Consumers are more informed than ever. With information at their fingertips, consumers demand open communication, transparency, and accountability from businesses—or they quickly move on. We get it. We’re committed to expanding the transparency economy not only by providing a platform for consumers to engage with organizations regardless of industry, size or location but also by supporting our customers like our success depends on them. Because it does. Our experienced support team is approachable and available—working with you to effectively engage consumers, boost revenue, and continually promote loyalty and advocacy.

Our Mission

Help every business listen and every consumer learn.

Since 2005, PowerReviews has been empowering consumers to share authentic experiences about the products and services they consume to drive better customer decisions and deliver better results for businesses.

PowerReviews is the choice of more than 1,000 global brands and retailers to collect and display customer ratings and reviews on more than 5,000 websites. An essential resource for consumers as they search and shop online and in-store, ratings and reviews drive relevant traffic, increase sales, and create actionable insights to improve products and services.

PowerReviews mobile-friendly rating and review and Q&A software is fast to implement and simple to customize, making it easy for brands and retailers to generate more authentic content that is seen by more consumers.

The PowerReviews Open Syndication Network is the largest in the industry, reaching 2,500 retailers and more than 700 million in-market shoppers every month—giving retailers and brands the power to reach shoppers wherever they are.

Why PowerReviews?

See how we give brands and retailers the opportunity to generate and syndicate more authentic content faster and easier than anyone else in the industry.